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Card Cabinet with Reinforced Hinged Pockets in Removable Trays

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All-steel cabinets house 260 to 1170 records per cabinet. (On 8 x 5 Cabinets)
• Cabinets equipped with locks and doors for security

• Safety stacking feature

• Removable Trays are filled with Reinforced Hinged Pockets and feature a full-width tray pull and   label holder

• Card size for Cabinets are 6 x 4  or 8 x 5

• 6 x 4 Cabinets come in 6, 12 or 15 Trays

• Pockets on 6 x 4 Cabinets are from 414 to 1035 Pockets

• 8 x 5 Cabinets come in 4 through 18 trays, Pockets number from 260 to 1170 Pockets

• 6 x 4 Cabinets are 8.5 Inch Wide and 11 to 21.5 Inches tall

• 8 x 5 Cabinets are 10 Inch Wide and 8.25 to 25.75 Inches tall

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Pictured is the Wolf Visible Cabinet Stacking Feature, where each cabinet fits into the other cabinet.

• Organize large amounts of information in sturdy, secure cabinets equipped with locks, doors, and a stacking feature.

• All cabinets are 24" deep

• Standard RHP Pockets installed on trays

• The reinforced hinged pocket can be easily shifted or removed from the tray

• Uses standard size index cards.                                                           

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• Reinforced Hinged Pocket

• 110# Brown Kraft

• Die Cuts are according to size of Card either 8 x 5 or 6 x 4


RHP is Reinforced Hinged Pocket.........................32# kraft paper

PPHP is PolyPropylene Hinged Pocket.................white plastic

THP is Transparent Hinged Pocket.......................matte finish standard

FTHP is Folded Transparent Hinged Pocket.........matte or clear RHP

Close up of Reinforced Hinged Pocket with Flange and Wire inserted into Barrel allowing effortless Flipping of Pockets.

• Our Pockets are Die Cut for easy insertion of your Cards.

• Our tabs are 1/2" high which hold the card better then Kardex pockets did.

• Only 1/4" shows when pockets are lying down

• Our Pockets are reinforced and stronger

Card Pocket Trays for Patient Records


Substitute for Kardex Medical Panels

Standard Finish: Tropic Sand

Complete with hanger wires and hinged pockets

Models available to hold up to 50 records from 5" x 3" up to 11" to 9"

with especially popular 8 x 5 and 6 x 4 Pocket Sizes.

For 8.5 x 11 can get 11 Wide x 8.5 High (Landscape) or

8.5 Wide x 11 Hight (Portrait)

Purchase Aluminum Pocket Tray here:  Exact Substitute for the Kardex Medical Panels:

• 2078875-000                         • 2078875-004

• 2078875-001                         • 2078875-005

Aluminum Pocket Tray

•  Standard Finish:  Tropic Sand

•  Complete with hanger wires and hinged pockets

"They are great, I think they will really help keep us organized and improve our patient care.

  I am so excited about getting these in place!"

When I asked Becky about details she agreed that sometimes a manual system
works better for having the patient care information at your finger tips!

Becky from Mountainview Hospital  in Gadsden, Alabama


Aluminum Pocket Tray with WAU Wall Bracket - Holds 1 Tray.

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Kardex W85 Substitute

Click here to Purchase the W85 Pocket for a Kardex Product.  Kardex recommended this pocket as a substitute made by the company that made many products for Kardex and Victor Visible.

Kardex Visible Products that used the W85 Pockets can substitute this Pocket.

Dark Brown Plastic Lug 8 7/8" Overall.

Extends beyond edge of Pocket 1/4"

Replaces Victor Kardex W-85

PPHP Pocket - Polypropylene Hinged Pocket White Plastic

FTHP - Folded Transparent Hinged Pocket

Folded THP

Clear PVC Sleeve, Open on both ends

RHP - Reinforced Hinged Pocket

THP - Transparent Hinged Pocket - Matte PVC

PPHP - Polypropylene Hinged Pocket

Single Face Pocket Frames

Available in 5" x 3", 6" x 4", 8" x 5" sizes.

Welded Steel construction with Reinforced Hinged Pockets.

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Single Face Pocket Frames

Open View of
Single Face Pocket Frames

Same as above but Open View.

Shown with a Reinforced Hinged Pocket.

Above the Pocket you can see the Wire Hinge.

Single Face Pocket Frames

Side View- Click here to Purchase

Double Hinged Aluminum Book

A compact, portable card record with visible index for fast reference.

A great way to keep your inventory on your desk!

Books fold back to 360° and are easily stored.

Uses standard size index cards.

Used for used car inventory, mug shot books, and much more.

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Inset Picture is 85-44 ALB-RHP  Double Hinged Aluminum Book Unit, Tropic Sand, with 8 x 5 Reinforced Hinged Pockets

Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book (VCAB)

Single Hinge

Attractive Black Pebble Grain Vinyl Finish

Compact Format- Opens Flat


Furnished Standard with Reinforced Hinged Pockets

RHP- Reinforced Hinged Pockets---  110# Brown Craft

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WOLF-405-100 AU-RHP SAND- 8 x 5, 100 Pockets, Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book

Tropic-Sand Widely used for maintenance and repair scheduling

Known as VIDS-MAF board

Used by military and civilian aircraft repair facilities and avionics shops

Widths of 18", 30" and 40" available with 25, 50 or 100 pockets

Holds forms 5" high, any width

Metal top card protects your full-width label with a matte finish vinyl window

Sturdy PVC tip on the pocket shows the bottom 1/3" of every record at a glance


WOLF-305-50 AU-RHP SANDWOLF-405-50 AU-RHP SAND- 40" x 5" Pocket SizeVIDS-MAF Boards Available:

185-50 AU-RHP
185-25 AU-RHP
185-100 AU-RHP
305-100 AU-RPH
305-25 AU-RHP
305-50 AU-RHP
405-100 AU-RHP
405-25 AU-RHP
405-50 AU-RHP

Request Quotes on all Sizes:  steven@wolfpromo.com

or Call 631-868-7273 Anytime, 24 hours a day if you get voice leave a message when best to reach you!

WOLF-305-100 AU-RHP SAND   $506.00       WOLF-305-50 AU-RHP SAND   $321.00 

Front of VCAB Unit

in Attractive Pebble Grain Black

Purchase Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book in Sizes:  8 x 5, 6 x 4 or 5 x 3 Inch Pockets

WOLF-53-70-VCAB-RHP- 5 x 3, 70 Pockets, Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book  ---------  $149.00      

WOLF-64-108 VCAB-RHP 6 x 4, 108 Pockets, Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book  -------  $205.00 

WOLF-85-100-VCAB-RHP- 8 x 5, 100 Pockets, Vinyl Clad Aluminum Book ------- $215.00

Single Spine of VCAB Unit

Single Face Pocket Frame

Reinforced Hinged Pocket
 Shown with Hanger Wire (Picture coming soon)


Available in 5” x 3”, 6” x 4” and 8” x 5” sizes.
Welded steel construction with punched flange for hanging.
Metal Top Card covers and protects first pocket.
Standard finish: Tropic Sand Baked Enamel

Number    Card Size    Number of Pockets    Overall
Length*    Overall

*Overall length includes 1_” top flange

Standard frame is filled with brown kraft Reinforced Hinged Pockets (RHP).
8” x 5” size is also available with white Polypropylene (PPHP),Transparent (THP),
or Folded Transparent (FTHP) Hinged Pockets.
When ordering, add letters for pocket designation to the Catalog Number, for example:
85-36 SFPF-RHP

Kardex Recordex Folders - R840  & R20

Substitute for the Kardex R840 and R20 Recordex Folder

Our WOLF-R840-SUB - 40 Pockets, Size 8 x 5

Our WOLF-R20-SUB   - 20 Pockets, Size 8 x 5

Wolf Promo's R840 and R20 Substitutes serve the same exact function as the Kardex Recordex Folders. 

There are 3 differences:

1- Wire Hinge that is stronger and easier to flip the pockets

2- Tab at bottom is 1/2 Inch to hold your insert better

3- Pocket is stronger with reinforced Mylar or heavier weight Pocket

Call 631-868-7273  or 212-734-3099 to Purchase by Phone