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2018 The Pockets are All Plastic with the same Durability and Wire Hinge to Last a Long Time!

100 Pocket Visible Record Book, Removable

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These Pockets are 8 Inches High x 5 Inches Wide, they will also accept 6 x 5 and 5 x 3 Inch Cards in the Die Cut Slots.  The Hinge is Metal, Durable and Long Lasting much stronger then the old Kardex Pockets!

100 Pocket Visible Record Book, Removable / Click Here to Purchase

Fits all Sizes:

8 x 5 Inch

6 x 4 Inch


5 x 3 Inch Die Cuts with the Visible Tab at the bottom of the Pocket!

10/PK - Replacement Index Card Pockets for Visible Record Books, 10ea/pack

Replacement Pockets for all of our Visible Book Units and 25 Pocket Tray.

Pockets are easily Removable or Replaced.

Visible Record Book Removable 25 Pocket Style Medical Panel

25 Pockets often used in a medical setting

Pre Cut Notches for

• 3 x 5 Inch

• 4 x 6 Inch


• 8 x 5 Inch Cards for Inventory or any type of Card you wish to Print.

• Also has a Reinforced Hanging Hole to Hang on a Wall.

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50 Pocket Visible Record Book

• Includes 50 Removable Pockets

• Has Super Protective Steel Rims all around the book

• Made of Super Strong Polypropylene

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50 Pocket Visible Record Book, Removable

46 Fixed Pocket Book Units at a Budget Price!

Replacement Index Card Pockets for Visible Record Book, 10ea/pack

Replacement Pockets with a 6 x 4 Card Inserted in the Die Cut

Visible Record Book, Fixed 46-pocket

Visible Record Book, Fixed 46-pocket

Visible Record Book from the outside showing Label Holder

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An Astronaut in our basic man shape, if it's even remotely person shaped we can fit it.

Compact Disk

Our CD CompressT fits perfectly behind a cd, great for shrink wrapping together as a promotion for buying a band's cd.

A Custom Shape

This pirate only wants you to have a good time. This is a custom shape we did just for him. We have a bit of the captain in us.

Golf ball with tee

Golf ball on our lightbulb shape, it's an easy shape to use that fits most anything.