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Replace Kardex W85 Pockets with our new more Durable Pockets on our 25, 50 or 100 Pocket
Visible Record Books and Trays

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2009 Wolf Menucovers & The Menu Roll

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Logo Folding Chairs

Custom Folding Chairs are a promotional item like none other. They exemplify both perceived value and intrinsic value. Unlike so many other run-of-the-mill promotional products, folding chairs are highly valued.. they get used and seen for years and years.

Wolf Promo personnel have been logo branding folding chairs since 1979, and are consummate experts in materials and production processes in the custom folding chair industry. Please contact us with your needs today, and we promise a superior job, produced on time and done with verve and excellence.

At Wolf Promo our experienced Business Product Professionals will attend to your Promotional Product needs. We also like to keep things simple so that we can serve your specific needs best.
The most effective way to shop for a promotional item is to discuss what kind of product you want to promote. We can offer guidance if it is needed but it is always better if you can decide what type
of product to promote or what kind of promotion is right for your company.

Custom Jotters are ideal for widespread distribution in meetings and conventions, learning and classroom settings, and anywhere in fact where your target audience may need to jot something down.

Imprinted Jotters are a terrific promotional tool. They can be used for almost any type of promotional campaign. A political campaign, a project for a non profit organization, and
also national add campaigns.

Many Fortune 500 companies use logo branded jotters as a hard copy that will stay around
for a while. Custom Branded Jotters are extremely useful for advertising your company logo
and are very visible and the kind of item that people hold on to!

Wolf Promo Products offers all kinds of Labels:  Custom, Mailing Labels, Laser Labels, Stock Message Labels and Rubber Stamps, Business Cards, Stationery & Envelopes and order our Promotional Products Online:

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• Casebound - Padded - Authentic Leather Material

• Bonded With Latex - Black Silk Moire Interior -

• Black Silk Moire Album Style Corners

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Please check out our Wolf Promo Menucovers blog.  This is a blog written by a friend in the industry for the restaurant industry to benefit our industry through faboulous discussions, recipes and startling information!

                                                                         25-49                  50-99                     100-199

LTH-1V 8.5X11                                                   $29.40                  $28.36                  $27.30

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Sewn Edge

Deluxe Sewn

The Menu Roll for Specials, Wine Lists with clear plastic pockets

The Menu Roll- View the Selections here!

                                                   The Menu Roll

The Menu Roll with its plastic transparent sleeves is a great way to introduce your customers to your Specials of the day, Wine List  or Deserts.

A great way to get an add on sale from your restaurant clientele.

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We now sell all kinds of labels, Custom Labels, Address Labels, Static Cling Labels, All Self Adhesive & Pressure Sensitive Labels, Just about any kind of Label you can think of!

Order our well known Hotline Calendars for 2011. Order Early and recieve extra discounts!

2011 Hotline Calendars - Click here for our Imprinted Calendar Depot Website

America Remembers is one of the most popular Calendars.

Heart-warming paintings by nationally acclaimed artist Ken Zylla are featured in this engaging journey down memory lane. Detailed and full of life and color, these charming works evoke a simpler time.

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Compress T

We can design a Compress T Shirt for your company in a custom shape. Custom Compress T and Imprinted T shirt when washed!

A great promotion to spread your company logo and a slogan or particular project you have on the horizon.

A pint of ice cream, surprising how fast it goes, tends to go slower when it's a t-shirt rather than ice cream.

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In brief, you should know the following about us: We have been responsible for providing outstanding Office Products service to the public since 1979. Our specialty is in the area Promotional Products, Menu Covers for the Restaurant Industry and Waddell Display Cases. Many of our regular customers particularly value our attention to detail and follow up until the job is delivered and


The uncommon look of the Monarch Series is a great way to house your extraordinary accomplishments. Monarch dresses up its surrounding with any of the three contemporary laminate choices available for the base. Anodized aluminum framing secures the tempered glass doors and built-in lock. The 571, 573, and 575 Monarch showcases come complete with interior lighting for added emphasis. The Monarch Series is offered in three different size configurations. Inside Monarch, your best won’t go unnoticed.

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Waddell Display Cases click here!Display Case Showcases

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Accessories for the Display Cases

Menu Covers

Harley Deluxe

Stitching and gold, smooth, square corners add an elegant touch to our classic Harley cover. These padded casemade covers present your menu with the sophistication and panache your restaurant deserves.

The Harley and Harley Deluxe is one of the finest
Menu Cover series on the market today. Excellent quality built to last long and visually impressive.

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Kardex Visible Record Systems

This steel one-piece cabinet may be safely stacked two high. Sturdy, welded construction. Cabinets come complete with bar lug pockets. Pockets have 1/4" visible margins to index important information for immediate reference. The visible margins are permanently protected by a non-glare vinyl tip. Bar lug pockets may be removed or rearranged more easily than in any other system. Steel dividers create a separate compartment for each slide. Key lock is standard on all units.

Available in Pearl Gray, Heather Beige, Gray-Rite and Black.

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Press Release

 December 27, 2010, New York, NY  Wolf Promo Products the Promotional Products Company that has taken the internet by storm has come out with a new web site: Display Case Depot.  Display Case Depot supplies Waddell Display Cases with over a century Of hand crafted Wood and Metal Display Cases. Truly fine Craftsmanship is the Hallmark.

   Steven Backer, the founder of Wolf Promo Products, said “When I start Wolf Promo Products in 2007 I never dreamed that we would branch out into Display Cases. But when I toured the factory and saw the fine workmanship and the proud history Of Waddell Furniture I knew I had to start a website with these fine examples of American ingenuity. The Showcases with their tempered glass and built in locks Had an air of expert manufacturing.

The hallways of many Fine Universities of America are dotted with these fine Trophy Cases.  

When you select a product from the Waddell collection you can be confident that you are investing in the best combination of style, durability, and value available in a showcase for prized trophies and treasured symbols of success.