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Custom temporary tattoos are perfect for any promotion. It is a fun way to promote or advertise your product with one of today’s hottest trends. They are priced to fit any budget, big or small. They are totally safe, hypoallergenic, and FDA certified. Our temporary tattoos are easy to use: they come off with alcohol or baby oil. And the best thing about our temporary tattoos is how much people love them (especially tribal tattoos) and want to show them off! Temporary tattoos get an incredible reaction from young and old alike.

From major networks to public access, custom temporary tattoos are a great way to connect with your audience. So give us a call today and make custom temporary tattoos a big part of your next promotions. Show school spirit with our custom team logos. If you don’t see the logo of your choice, we’ll be happy to design a temporary custom tattoo logo for you.

• Call and ask for a quotation:  (870) 619-4577

• Email us & be sure to add contact information and any questions or request a quotation:


Sunoco Tattoo looks fantastic and at a size of 1.5" x 1.5" was just right for this promotion.


Artwork Submission Requirement for Temporary Tattoos

Please provide artwork at 100% of actual size in any of the following formats:

1.On Zip Disk, Floppy, or CD
    •     Adobe Photoshop
    •     Adobe Illustrator
    •     No Quark documents, please

•  Artwork should be provided in CMYK at 280 ppi actual size.

•  EPS files are preferred and be sure to outline or flatten image.

• Minimum order is 1,000 Ea plus freight from the factory can be purchased at $0.194 Each. On a 2" x 2" Tattoo.

                3,000 Ea @ $0.154

                5,000 Ea @   0.106

               10,000 Ea @  0.087  plus freight.

Boston Market Tattoo is 1.5" x 2".

Dominos Pizza Tattoo is 2" x 2".

Muppets Tattoos is 2" x 3".

Assorted Tattoo samples.

Pre-Press Setup Charges

Free setup only if artwork provided in Photoshop/Illustrator on disk.

• Email us your artwork or questions: wolfpromo@optonline.net

Or Call:   870-619-4577

• Please make sure to include contact person’s name and phone number.

* Please note that all temporary tattoos are printed wrong reading and will be right reading when applied.

* There is no limit to the number of images per temporary tattoo sheet.
Please leave a 3/16" trim around your image area and 1/8" between tattoos so they can be easily cut out.

Below are some images of our Stock Logos, again if you do not see what you like, we can design one for you or your company.


All our basic and most popular stock logos are listed on this page. Choose any one you like and we will print it for you. Temporary Tattoos are fun. Live a little. Go out on a limb.. or you can design your own or tell us what you want and we will design it for you.

Give it a try- it is a terrific promotional item.


• Email us your artwork or questions: wolfpromo@optonline.net

Or Call:   870-619-4577

• Please make sure to include contact person’s name and phone number.





Flying Eagle



 I Love Baseball


I Love Basketball

 I Love Football

Indian Chief

Indian Scout




Number 1





Cowboy in Rodeo


Smiley Face